Sunday, December 11, 2005

A note on comments-and some thoughts on our first anniversary

This is a note on the comments section of The World According to Oatney. I've received from some visually impaired readers and listeners private correspondence expressing concern about the fact that the verification tool used to force commentors to "sign" their posts as being an authentic response to the post at hand makes posting a comment inaccessable to users who post using adaptive technology.

I am quite aware of this descrepency and I do want to remedy the problem, but let me admit here that I am not sure how.

The authentication tool that the folks at Blogger provide is the only way that I know of to guard against "comment spam," something that was becoming an epidemic problem around here before I felt forced to make the change. If anyone out there has ideas about how I could make comments accessable without cutting off visually impaired readers who'd like to comment, please let me know.

Aside from that, I know there was quite awhile where I wasn't posting regularly, and while there were perfectly good reasons why, I do understand that such a development is inevitably going to lead to a drop in regular readership/listenership. It is going to be my goal in the coming weeks to re-establish some of our reader base, and to those of you who I know have been patient and have been loyal patrons of this site, I thank you. I am going to desperately try and keep this site updated in such a way as to encourage you to keep coming.

In the over one year now that we've been online here at the World, we have had some memorable moments. The blog came into existance immediately after a very contentious 2004 election campaign, and we were unrelenting in promoting our post-election view of the country. Last Christmas saw us go offline for several days, as we lost power and contact with much of the outside world while visiting family and friends in central Ohio. The World has also survived a move from one state to another, and the change in current events coverage that comes with such a move (as well as the inevitable decline in posts for several months). Perhaps our most memorable time here, however, was our very personal coverage of the decline and passing of a legend of our time, Pope John Paul II, and the election of his successor, Benedict XVI. Through it all, our loyal base has been there. During the latest campaign I am undertaking to renew and revitalize the blog, those of you who can comment, your comments are welcome and appreciated, both public and private. I like to know you are out there reading and listening, and whether we agree or not, I like to hear from you.


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