Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Essence of Emeril

Today, there is an important milestone taking place in the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: One of three restaurants owned by Emeril Lagasse is re-opening tonight after having been closed since the storm. In a Good Morning America interview this morning, Emeril recounted the pain he felt having to lay off so many of his employees because his restaurants couldn't run. He has re-hired most of his employees, he said, but there are a few who won't be returning, not because he was unwilling to have them back, but because they and their families decided to make a new life somewhere else. Emeril confirmed, however, that he is personally committed to rebuilding New Orleans. What is most interesting is what he had to say about how that was going to be done. "Businesses and business leaders are what is going to rebuild New Orleans," Emeril told Charles Gibson. "Government does not build economies, it doesn't bring recovery, but businesses do." Here at the World, we could not agree with Emeril more.

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