Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bloggers bring down a government

Today I am going to post a short but, I hope, noteworthy written entry, something I haven't done in months and I hope to to do more often in the weeks to come.

It now happens that every few months, some mainstream media outlet issues some comment about bloggers, and how it is that we, the unwashed masses, are now responsible for great calamities in the world because we have bothered to expose political problems and demand accountability.

The latest salvo comes from the CBC, who wonders if it was
bloggers who brought down the Canadian government Monday. Perhaps bloggers did play some role in this very significant political development. By no means do I think people who keep weblogs were the only culprit, but I do think blogs play a role in bringing the other side of the news to the masses, no matter which political side a given blogger happens to be on.

The reason the mainstream press is so afraid of bloggers and blogging is that it brings the ability to exercize the freedom of the press to Joe and Jane Sixpack, the ordinary everyday person. You don't have to go to Columbia School of Journalism to be a good blogger, you just need to be literate and licit.

While it is true that for most of us who blog, our content is based on our opinion, bloggers who want to be credible base those opinions on relevant facts and realities. If bloggers can bring down a government, it means that freedom of the press has come full circle. A free press has brought down governments before, and if bloggers can now be included in that company it means that bloggers are now a part of the real press. That is what has the rest of the press so frightened.


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