Saturday, December 17, 2005

Canadian Knights sued for "discrimination."

Thanks to Relapsed Catholic (via Kate McMillan) for this story out of British Columbia. Apparently, a man was fired from his job at Costco because he moonlighted as the rental manager for his local Knights of Columbus Hall. What’s so wrong with that, you ask?

Per the policies and philosophy of our honored Order, neither he nor the Council Home Association would rent the K of C Hall to a lesbian couple for their use so they could glorify their sodomite “marriage.” Because this man not only followed the teachings of the Catholic Church but the policies of the K of C, this led to a suit claiming discrimination by the Knights against the sodomites. Since we are talking about Liberal Canada here, the religious liberty of the Knights meant nothing against the claims of two lesbians. Considering the location of the Hall in the town in question, which is described at length in the linked article, it became clear to the Brother Knights involved that this was a setup…there were plenty of halls for the girls to choose from, but they ever so conveniently chose the Knights Hall.

And they won the discrimination suit. God defend these poor men-all they did was stand up for what they believe.


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