Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The President's real problem

The President made two addresses to the nation, one being under the guise of a news conference, the other being a traditional Oval Office address. The address from the Oval came Sunday evening, and the President implored the people to be patient in regards to the war in Iraq. He recounted the successes brought about by American and Allied forces, including oversight of successful elections to form a new government last week.

Indeed, President Bush has good reason to be optimistic. The situation in Iraq, though a long way from in the clear, has significantly improved in a very short period of time. The success of recent elections and the slow cobbling together of something resembling a free government is a sign that the war may end in a victory and not merely a draw.

The President’s real problem is not with the situation in Iraq at all, but with developments at home. Revelations this week that he authorized surveillance on American citizens without resorting to the appropriate legal (Special Intelligence Court) or constitutional (warrants, issued by said court) channels has the administration on the defensive. This reality made the President’s press conference look like a damage control operation. The President’s assertion (and the Vice President’s, as he appeared on Nightline last night) that he has both legal and constitutional authority to tap people’s phones and search their e-mail without a warrant because he is the President and he is protecting America is a laughable thing. The President and the Attorney-General are playing the same kind of games with the Constitution of the United States that the Left does: When the Constitution is not supportive of what they want to do, they invent things in the Constitution that are not there.

The President’s problem is not that Democrats oppose these unconstitutional acts. The Party Opposite merely sees a political opportunity here on which they wish to capitalize. Were the situation reversed, I have no doubt that the Democrats would be the ones pressing for greater federal and executive powers that have no place in America.

However, I am a Republican. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life. I have manned phone banks for Republican candidates. I have passed out literature for Republicans, I have manned polling places for them. I would sooner cast a vote for Beelzebub than for a Democrat. I have known nothing but a straight Republican ticket. I believe that the modern-day (since the 1960’s) Democratic Party is a force for great evil in the world, and that they literally do the work of Lucifer, and are agents of the Prince of the Power of the Air. For the sake of the preservation of Christendom in America, the Democratic Party needs to be defeated, and if possible, utterly destroyed at the ballot box.

I believe this with my whole heart…Since that is the case, I should really be a front-man for the President.

The President’s real problem is that I don’t believe any of this bunk about his having that kind of authority…I don’t buy it for a New York minute, and I think it is a disgrace for him, or any leader of our country, to make such an outlandish claim. He ought to be ashamed of himself.
The next time he requests network time for an address to the nation, it should be to apologize profusely for having such an awful brain fart.

That’s the President’s real problem. I don’t buy it, and I am not the only conservative Republican that doesn’t buy it, either.


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