Thursday, December 22, 2005

Have you driven a Ford lately?

The more we learn about the antics of the Ford family, including the reality that Harold Ford, Sr. has admitted to witness tampering in the voter’s fraud case of Ophelia Ford’s so-called “victory” in the special State Senate election, the more the whole lot of them look like a den of thieves.

In this election, voter turnout was indeed miraculous, as the dead were said to have arisen from the grave in order to vote for Ophelia.

Thaddeus Matthews asks the legitimate question: Just what is Harold Ford, Jr.? Anyone who has ever heard Junior speak should take careful note that he sounds an awful lot like a Republican. I have a dear friend that I went to college with who is one of these sorts who fancies himself a Democrat, but you hear him talk and he sounds entirely too conservative and Republican for the Dems’ collective tastes. He thinks Harry Ford is the Second Coming.

The present difficulty with Harold Ford, Jr. is that he has a family filled with crooks, thieves, and frauds, which means that even if he is totally innocent, he has had some very bad influences. His voting record and his temperament on the House floor would indicate that he either doesn’t know what to believe, or he does not know what he himself believes. Considering that Junior wants to be my next United States Senator, I have a right to know what his philosophy is, and so does every other Tennessean.

It bears noting, in the wake of recent events in Memphis, that Stacey Campfield reported back on the 13th that he saw a Ford campaign sign in a graveyard.


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