Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Beware of Red China

I don't think that an informed American can normally believe everything that they read about our country in the foreign papers, but when one of the most reputable and fair news publications on the other side of the water begins to talk about America's inevitable decline and eventual loss of superpower status, it is time to take notice.

The Independent, one of Britain's most agenda-free news publications, predicted in an article yesterday that the United States would lose its status as an economic superpower to China by 2045. China, the article points out, is seeing double-digit economic growth rates every year, and while Japan remains Asia's largest economy, China will soon overtake the Land of the Rising Sun. If China's growth rates continue unabated, by mid-century the Chinese will surpass America.

This would not be the case had the United States long ago recognized Red China as the threat that it really is. China may have a more westernized economy, but it is still ruled by the Communist Party with an iron hand-and these guys may conduct business with America, but in no way is the Beijing government our friend. You wouldn't know that, however, because every U.S. President since Nixon has done everything but kiss the rear-end of every Chinese leader from Chairman Mao to Hu Jintao. We abandoned our friends in the Republic of China on Taiwan to recognize the Communists and trade with them. In doing so, we have literally sown the seeds of the demise of the Pax Americana.

Some are saying "but Oatney, we needed to do that at the time to make a play against the Soviet Union." China and the USSR were already at each other's throats, and the U.S. getting involved wasn't going to make Beijing any more of a threat to Moscow than they already were.

We as a nation should be far more careful who it is we get into bed with economically or politically-it could be a power that later proves to be a threat beyond anything we can imagine.


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