Saturday, April 15, 2006

The two Americas

Regardless of the outcome in this November's election or in 2008, the elections of 2000, 2002, and 2004 proved that we are no longer one America, we are two nations within one international border.

One nation, occupying primarily the Northeastern Atlantic seabord and the Western coastal states, with the occasional large Northern city thrown in the middle country for good measure, is a nation where anything is tolerated culturally, "diversity" reigns supreme, there is no defining culture, nor is there any focus on a collective heritage which made that nation a great nation. This nation is a secular nation, and its leaders place a high premium on upholding that secularity. It is not a truly diverse nation, because deviation from a thought pattern deemed to be diverse is deemed "intolerant," and such thought can never be oratized by a public official. Guns are evil and are the cause of all crime, the redefinition of the family and lack of responsibility has nothing to do with the crime problem in the cities of this America. This America blames the other America for its problems.

The other nation, occupying the vastness between the sections of the first nation, is made up of small business people, farmers, and regular sorts who the people of the first America sometimes refer to as "rich." The people of this America tend to have a pretty strong sense of right and wrong, and they tend to believe rather strongly in God, and though some don't always live
up to that belief, this more religious atmoshpere is very apparent in this America. Many of the people of this nation are called "crazies," "fundies," or "religious fanatics" by people in the other America, who have no clue why the people of this America can think the way they do. There are clear moral standards in this America, and people in this America have been known to pray in public, especially at football games, in open defiance of the ACLU. Many of the people in this America believe the other America is responsible for dragging them down the path to social and moral decline. This America has one critical thing in common with the other: It also blames the other side for many of its problems.

If there is another election in 2008 as there was in 2000 and 2004, what will happen? Can we permanently endure as a half-and-half nation, with both sides contending ruthlessly for power, believing that if the other side should win, it will be the end of the country as we know it? Is there a solution to the divided Union in which we presently find ourselves?


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