Monday, April 17, 2006

Corker must be beaten

The continually unimpressive Bob Corker was on 1180 The Voice last week, and as Terry Frank was quick to point out, Corker repeatedly tried to dodge real questions from callers as well as from Tennessee Conservative Union Chairman Lloyd Dougherty and Executive Director Kelvin Moxley.

One thing Corker was keen to tell the people listening was that "no one in this race is more pro-life" than he is. That's great to know, Mr. Corker. You might want to go out of your way to convince Tennessee Right to Life of this previously unknown reality, because they have given their endorsement to Ed Bryant. Perhaps TRTL became a bit suspicious after reports that Corker voted in Democratic Primaries while serving in Nashville as a member of the Sundquist administration were confirmed.

I've been around the pro-life movement longer than I have been around any other political movement. I know from some experience that the pro-life movement does not give its endorsements to lightweights. Pro-life endorsements are also, contrary to the belief of some on the left, completely non-partisan. Hence, this explains how the late Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey (whose son is running against Rick Santorum and stands to split the pro-life vote in that State this fall) and former Ohio Congressman Tony Hall, both Democrats, could get unwavering pro-life endorsements for years on end.

However, the Democratic Party as a whole has not demonstrated itself to to be friendly to the pro-life cause at all, even though individual members have been saintly toward the cause. It is easy to see, then, just why it is that Right to Life will not endorse Corker-especially since he seems so uncomfortable confronting the issue, and we don't know what he means when he says he has "Republican support." Is it Howard Baker/Bill Frist Republican support, or is it State Senator Jim Bryson (re: more conservative) Republican support?

I'm not buying any of Corker's story. In fact, because of Corker's refusal to really stand up strong for anything conservative, I am not even sure I could vote for Corker in good conscience in the General Election. I am really praying Ed Bryant is our Republican nominee against Dirty Harry-anyone but Corker.


At Tuesday, April 18, 2006 8:20:00 AM, Blogger Steve Mule said...

What about Van Hillary? I've heard he's kind'a conservative. Is he OK? Conservative wise that is - individual policy positions on this or that might cause Bryant to be a better pick anyway. Just wondering.
On the abortion issue, while I am opposed to it I even more oppose to a government, any government (local, state or federal) that is large enough to crawl thru medical, hospital, doctor, records and see who's been naughty. Or big enough to get between a woman and her doctor and/or family - it is, frankly, none of the government's (any government, on any level) business! What's next? Ornamental herbs - Oh wait, they're already doing that!


At Tuesday, April 18, 2006 11:04:00 AM, Blogger Dave Oatney said...

Hilleary is continually finishing fourth behind FORD in most polls-that is not good.


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