Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Wasn't Quite A Secret

Apparently, the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury knew something was up with former Governor Phil Bredesen and a potential incentive deal with Amazon:

It has now emerged, however, that one of the people who knew more about the specifics of the incentives that were given to Amazon was the Comptroller of the Treasury, Justin P. Wilson, according to an Associated Press report filed yesterday.

Wilson has performed his duties in an admirable way thus far, keeping an iron hand on State books, which may be one reason why many legislators feel so taken aback at being kept out of the loop. Officially, the Lieutenant Governor's office is saying that Comptroller Wilson "acted exactly as he should have" because of concerns over taxpayer confidentiality issues, but Ramsey has been critical of the fact that the outgoing Bredesen Administration made deals that included major incentive packages with potential investors in the State before leaving office without consulting House and Senate leaders-especially since the Senate Speaker also says that he feels the need to honor incentive packages that were made on Tennessee's good name, even though he may bristle at the details.

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