Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Memories of Election Day 2008

Nearly all of the local candidates had signs out along the drive to the polling place. In this case, it was White Pine Elementary School.

For most of the day there was a steady stream of people coming to exercise their franchise.

These signs were along Roy Messer Highway at the entrance to the school. Whoever put up the massive Mike Faulk sign was kind enough to make sure the signs that Nicole and myself had put down Monday night were still there-on top of Mike's sign.

Pictured are two of my opponents: Eventual Alderman-Elect Curt Evans (left), and Josh Sinard (center). On the right is White Pine Mayor Stanley Wilder, who worked the polls and asked for votes despite running for re-election without opposition.

Our State Representative Frank Niceley also worked the polls in White Pine on November 4th, and joined me for a bit. That's Frank on the left and me on the right. Frank was re-elected to his seat in the House over independent candidate David Seal with 72% of the vote, and this time with a GOP majority in which he may serve either as Deputy Speaker or Chairman of an important committee.

I even decked out my chair for the occasion. If you saw me campaigning at the school or running around on my way on Election Day, you saw that my power chair was All American with its flags and campaign sign.

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At Tuesday, November 11, 2008 5:23:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that looks like the real Frank - without the suit. Your day will come my brother.


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