Friday, May 02, 2008

Phil's Priorities

The Honorable Phil Governor is beside himself predicting the end of the world this week:

"I'm not talking about 20 people or something — I'm talking about some serious change in the number of people who are employed by the state," he said.

The only budget cuts that Bredesen is proposing that the State can't live without are some of the cuts that he is considering making to the Department of Children's Services. Many of these cuts could likely be avoided if the Honorable Phil Governor would cease construction on his precious party bunker, which is eating an untold number of millions from the State Treasury (precisely $12.8 million, I believe). Something tells me that 12.8 million smackers would probably be enough to save quite a few of the jobs at DCS. What the Governor is telling us is that he can raise taxes-which he did last year-as part of a scheme he was told would fail. When it did fail, he's make Tennessee's kids suffer and blame the Republicans for it while the Governor will have a nice new party room under the house where he doesn't live. This speaks volumes about the Honorable Phil Governor's priorities.

As for the rest of the State "cuts," you'll pardon me if I am not overly sad at the thought of a few less bureaucrats running around the State Capitol and the Andrew Jackson Building.



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