Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dean Knows Doom May Be Upon Democrats

I've already commented that the Democrats are doing a fine job handing our folks the November General Election, so long as our people take advantage of the Democrats' repeated exercises in political stupidity. Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean now says one of the two candidates "must" leave the race after June:

"We really can't have a divided convention. If we do it's going to be very hard to heal the party afterwards," Dean said. "So we'll know who the nominee is and that'll give us an extra 2 1/2 months to get our party together, heal the wounds of having a very closely divided race and take on Senator McCain."

"Either of these candidates, if it's time for them to go, they'll know it and they will go," Dean said. "They don't need any pushing from me. You know when to get in and you know when to get out. That's just part of the deal."

It is probably the case that either or both of these candidates have gotten "the talk" from Dean-you know, the one where Dean tells them that if they continue to press on, they are hurting the party's chances to win in November and that with every passing day, they are helping John McCain to pick up traction. The words in this talk are true, of course, primarily because each Democrat is succeeding in allowing the Republicans more time to gather ammunition against either of them-and the Democrats are providing the GOP the heavy artillery shells at no cost.

The problem, of course, is that Hillary Clinton does not care about having a divided convention- as long as she emerges from the Democratic National Debauchery as the party nominee. Barack Obama lives under the illusion that he is electable even if the convention is a war zone, so he won't pull out on his own. If a Democrat does drop out in June, it will be because the DNC finds a way to force them out.

Howard Dean may indeed be able to entice one candidate or another to leave the campaign in June, but to do so he and the party brass will likely have to find a heavy handed way to do so.

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