Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Mumpower assessment

Rep. Stacey Campfield gives an honest and straightfoward assessment of the issues surrounding the election of Jason Mumpower as the new Republican Leader in the Tennessee House:

To Jason's credit, he simply out worked Bill after the election. Bill was a great leader. He kept us solid and together, developed plans and strategy raised money and helped us all get re-elected.

After the elections I am sure Bill was exahusted and went back to his regular job of cutting down trees. Mumpower went out on the campaign trail. He simply went out and got the votes he needed to become leader. I suspect the votes mostly came from new people who knew neither person well and some of the more moderates who may think Bill is too hard core.

I'll translate since Stacey can't-he now is obligated to fall in line with the Leader (to a point) since he is an elected member of the House. I am not yet a member of the Legislature, so I am a bit more free to speak. Mumpower wined and dined people, especially newbies and moderate members that are easier convinced to sellout to Democrats. Dunn knew how to make deals with the other Party without compromising principles-he was (and is) a master at it. Mumpower's interest is less based on principle and seems to be more based on power for Jason Mumpower. That said, nobody wants Mumpower to fail...we just want Mumpower to develop some intestinal fortitude. I hope he does so, for all of our sakes.



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