Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mike Williams will sellout again

State Representative Stacey Campfield reported yesterday that State Senator Mike Williams abstained in the vote to nominate Ron Ramsey for Senate Speaker and Lieutenant Governor. This is a sure sign of Williams intentions when the roll is called on January 9th-he will vote for Wilder.

The World has heard from sources close to the situation of two loaded realities here: One of these realities is that Williams is being promised that he will be able to keep his Speaker pro-Tempore post that
Wilder gave him after his betrayal in the last session. Meanwhile, Ramsey is not offering Williams anything special (there are those who say that Ramsey should not, because if Ramsey breaks party discipline on this to woo Williams, everyone and their mother in the Senate Republican Caucus will hold out for more personal power). Williams is not supporting Wilder out of any personal comraderie or political disinterest, as he would have us believe. Williams is out to save what little shred of political influence he may have this time around. He figures that he is better off as Wilder's lap puppy than as Ron Ramsey's 17th vote.

What's more, at least one source informs The World that all of this talk of Williams changing his affiliation to "independent" is all talk and was being used as a bargaining tool on his part. Williams is not known among his Republican colleagues on the Hill to be the sturdiest brightest lamp in the room (which is likely why he may be supporting Wilder-it is his only shot at a leadership post), but he is keenly aware that if he does not run as a Republican in this district, he will be beaten by a Republican in a General Election. He will not switch parties, but he will likely have a Primary opponent who has Party backing.

I hope that opponent is Church Hill attorney
Mike Faulk.



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