Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My official reaction to Jason Mumpower's leadership election

For my official response to Jason Mumpower's victory over the more conservative Bill Dunn in the Tennessee House Republican Leadership race, I modestly ask the following question:

Mumpower talks really big, saying things such as the fact that Republicans need to "command the respect we deserve from the other side of the aisle," and that:

"We need to be in control of [the House], just as our brethren in the other chamber across the hall are."

If Jason Mumpower's goal is Republican control of the House, I support him fully in that goal. I'll go to bat for him in everything he does to bring that about that is done in a right and a moral way. But this goes beyond mere control, and what I am not certain about is whether Jason Mumpower cares about the things that matter most. If Mumpower's only goal is control of the House, but he is willing to sell the people short on principle in order to do it, that is not the kind of leader Tennessee needs. Our "brethren" do not have real control of the Senate, and they do not (and it appears they will not) not because they lack the numbers, but because of a member whose only principle is power and who has the moral clarity of a bad honky-tonk.

We need leaders who serve not because they want to, but because they feel called to serve, and leaders who serve because they are willing, but not because they desire it. Bill Dunn is such a leader. I hope and I pray that Jason Mumpower also proves to be of the same ilk.



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