Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mumpower now has power

Terry Frank reports that Bill Dunn has been upset by Jason Mumpower in the race for House Minority Leader. I must admit, I am surprised and shocked, but I can say that someone knew something, because an anonymous commenter-likely someone with an inside track on what was going on, made a comment to this weblog:

I love the blogosphere where you can come up with any wild opinion, post it on your blog, and have no basis for truth. Can't wait to see what you post after the election.

Well, opinions are as they are, and some may or may not think they are wild, but I did not make up Mumpower's dealings with Democrats...that I heard from people who would know who spoke to me on the condition that I not reveal their identities. That said, this anonymous person also chose not to reveal who they are...and it made me wonder...are they a member of the House? A member of Mumpower's staff who can count votes? Could it be Mumpower himself? I can see that he doesn't like the blogosphere-he'd better learn to live with it.

Whoever it was is someone who was aware of the results of the vote, perhaps before the votes were ever cast, and they posted an anonymous comment on my blog. Either Mumpower knew he would win a month ago or some people were promised things in return for their votes. Something smells afoul in the whole deal.

After my post this morning I spoke with some folks up on the Hill who informed me that the vote would be a close one. That being the case, I'd be curious just what was promised to whom.

On the bright side, staunch conservative
Glen Casada in the new Number Two...so at least some good came out of all of this, but a majority may not.



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