Saturday, September 09, 2006

Possible major development in Harbergate

The World has received late word from a very reliable source that a prominent member or members of the Knox County Commission may (stress may) move for the Commission to launch its own investigation into the Harbergate Affair and whether crimes or any other improprieties were committed by Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale or any of his agents or the personnel of his office in relation to the allegations made by Ragsdale's former bagman Tyler Harber.

In specific terms, did Ragsdale have an enemies list-and/or did he attempt, through his surrogate Tyler Harber, to obtain damaging information about his opponents or potential opponents by illegal and/or unethical means?

This story is rapidly developing, and The World will keep readers posted as we are informed of the latest developments.

Knox County
Criminal Mayor
Mike Ragsdale


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