Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Covering Harbergate

It seems that in the East Tennessee blogosphere, the only people covering the breaking of the Tyler Harber story on a regular basis are Terry Frank and myself. I can't speak for Terry, but I have gotten a lot of comments privately from people who are reading our posts on Harbergate, and the nature of the response I am seeing and hearing to the coverage of this story is overwhelmingly positive. People have written, called, and e-mailed me saying things like "keep up the heat," "way to go," "keep the fire under their a**," and one person said "thank you for being a voice of the people." I'll bet Betty Bean has gotten that sort of reaction times 10,000, except from the people who are feeling the heat from her expose.

Terry Frank deserves some real kudos for her latest work, as she has uncovered the location of Tyler Harber himself. The apple falls not far from the tree, and Mr. Harber goes not far from the political limelight.

Now that we know where Mr. Harber has "set up shop," as Terry puts it, perhaps he would consider giving a second interview...and this time to one of East Tennessee's blogging community?


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