Friday, September 01, 2006

Investigating the Harber Affair

Frank Cagle is no left-wing nutcase-and he is no supstantiator of Leftist conspiratorial paranoia, and Cagle is calling for a Grand Jury investigation into the conduct of the Ragsdale administration. Cagle's column in the MetroPulse is the most sensible column about what I am now terming "Harbergate" or "The Harber Affair" that I have yet seen written:

Harber says he didn’t do anything without the approval of the Ragsdale administration. I find that hard to believe. I know I’ve accused the county mayor of taking stupid pills, but I don’t believe he is insane. But these allegations cry out for serious investigation. There need to be more sources on the official record than Harber.

Just so that Cagle (and everyone else) knows, there are more sources on the "official record" than just Harber. Adam Groves is one of these sources, and my sources, all of which have asked to remain unnaimed, are telling me that Groves is substantiating nearly everything that Harber is saying. Tyler Harber's story of stealing wheel-tax petitions and tearing them up on Ragsdale's orders has been confirmed to me by a source who claims to have witnessed the event and is willing to substantiate it to the proper authorities, and may already have done so. I know some folks might have a problem with a Democrat D.A. investigating this-fine. I am sure a more neutral party could be persuaded to investigate if Randy Nichols is seen to be a problem. However, I don't see Nichols as a difficulty, except that he may be too slow to act when facts are presented, and I am sure whoever is investigating it will do it impartially. Readers should be aware that I am not certain who is taking the lead in this investigation, I have merely been made aware that it is already underway.

Mark this day down, because rare is the day I cite the MetroPulse for anything.

(Hat tip: Terry Frank)


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