Friday, August 25, 2006

The party

I have been asked privately why I think there is such a division in the Republican Party in East Tennessee. For those who do not believe such a division exists, look at the recent Knox County Mayoral Primary and the U.S. Senate race for two prime examples of why this division exists.

Inside the GOP there is a struggle that is partly ideological and partly practical. The group that says "we will do what it takes to win at any cost." This group is concerned primarily with the raw political state of affairs and the advancement of themselves and their associates. Then there is the second group-that group is not only ideological in nature, but has the desire to use politics as a means to change society for the better. Those who belong to this group desire first to uphold the Constitution of the United States and (for us in this part of the world) the Constitution of Tennessee, and then to represent the people they might be elected to represent.

It appears to many that those who identify with the former group have achieved some form of temporary victory. I would encourage members of the latter group not to give up the fight.


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