Thursday, September 07, 2006

Inate stupidity

As most politically astute Tennessee folks are aware, former Tennessee State Senator Kathryn Bowers has opted not to take a plea bargain in her bribery case after she all but admitted to taking $11,500 in bribes from undercover federal agents. What is her reasoning?

"I have faith in God and I know he didn't bring me down off that mountain to go in no courtroom and plea bargain," said Bowers, who said she narrowly avoided having a serious traffic accident on an East Tennessee mountaintop last month. "I'm ready to fight. If I need to roll my sleeves up, I'll do that, too."

"I can't deal with Roscoe Dixon or anybody else," she said. "I'm dealing with Kathryn Bowers. I'm feeling fine today, the sun is bright and shiny and I feel the same way, too. ...

"I am not worried about anything. I've turned it over to the Lord, and it's in His hands and in my attorney's hands and He's going to help and guide and direct him, and I'm going to be fine. I believe in God and I believe in my attorney."

Last week, one day before she resigned from the Senate, Bowers was charged with driving under the influence after sideswiping another vehicle. She blamed the incident on a change in her blood-pressure medicine and said no alcohol was involved.

You know, from a raw political point of view, just from that view along, I can only pray that God endowed every other Democrat in the Tennessee General Assembly with such innate stupidity.


At Wednesday, September 06, 2006 10:01:00 PM, Blogger TheRep said...

All but a few.


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