Saturday, September 09, 2006

Will Adam Groves please report to the press room...?

I have to give props to Terry Frank because she beat me to the punch yesterday in posting the news that Gene Patterson used her tip to contact Tyler Harber, who has now decided to shut his mouth like a clam because he has "moved on with his life." I don't think that has a thing to do with it-instead I think that Harber is shutting up because of a threefold combination of fear of legal trouble, fear of Mike Ragsdale, and fear that once he tells all to the larger press, he'll never be able to return to the political world again.

Unfortunately (much to the apparent consternation of leftist blogger R. Neal) Harber isn't talking, and it is quite apparent that someone closer to this story is going to have to talk to the wider press (probably Patterson, who is trying his best to give the story legs) in order to get the public wheels in motion at the local level. I agree with Terry Frank that a person who could do this if Harber is going to try and run away is Adam Groves.

I'm sure Terry and I have some similar sources, because like Terry I heard that Adam "spilled his guts," only the words I heard (from two sources) were that he "sang like a canary" to the Sheriff's Office. Now I have a disclaimer here: I do not personally know Groves, but I do know a number of people who do. Everything I have heard about Adam seems to indicate that he is a genuinely decent human being. I think he should come forward and do the talking that Mr. Harber will not do. Like many Tennessee netizens, I read Adam's Politics daily. Will he be willing to come forward in the interests of justice?


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