Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ophelia out

Photos: The Tennessean

The Senate voted yesterday to oust Ophelia Ford, the woman most known for her constant lobbying for the voting rights of the of the recently departed. She "won" the special election that put her in office by 13 votes. It was then discovered that 12 of the 13 voters had either become residents of the Precinct of the Pearly Gates, were convicted felons, or were not residents of the district.

The fact that Ms. Ophelia replaced her brother John, who was convicted of bribery as part of Tennessee Waltz, put the final vote in question. The Senate ruled her election "incurably uncertain," and she now has an opponent in the Democratic Primary in August. Already, the departed are lining up at the polls to give their support to Ms. Ophelia.

In addition, Ms. Ophelia's nephew, Dirty Harry, will undoubtedly be campaigning for the support of the Room Temperature community in his race for the United States Senate.

As an aside, do you think there is something going on there between Wilder and Ophelia? Do they not look to be hatching some dubious plot?

Note that Senator Crutchfield, also implicated in the Waltz, voted not to expel Ophelia. Birds of a feather flock together.


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