Thursday, April 20, 2006

Democrats' eminent domain deception

I had the opportunity to speak with State Rep. Stacey Campfield yesterday, and he informed me that, fortunately for us, the State Senate is hearing testimony from representatives of the Institute for Justice on eminent domain abuse, and will hear more next week. As a result of this testimony, the Senate may consider an entirely separate eminent domain bill, one that has real teeth.

At least we can all hope so. One of the things that pro-property rights Republicans in both the House and Senate are concerned about is a possible plot by Democrats to use the failure of House Bill 3450 as a campaign prop to say “we tried to do something about eminent domain abuse, but the Republicans blocked the bill and refused to pass it.” H.B. 3450 does absolutely nothing about eminent domain abuse and the Democrats know this-it is an election year stunt to allow legislators from both parties to lie to their constituents and say that they did something about this extremely important issue. The Democrats know that Senate Republicans will not likely agree to the bill in its present form, largely because it has no teeth, and as Stacey and I agreed, no reputable Republican worth their salt will vote for this bill. Hence, the Democrats will attempt to campaign under another big lie-that they are the party of property rights.

The proponents of H.B 3450 tried to say that the Institute for Justice supported (and helped to craft) 3450, but as we learn from Stacey’s conversation with an I.J. official from East Tennessee, this is also another bold-faced lie.


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