Sunday, January 08, 2006


Something happens today that hasn’t happened in 15 years, the Cincinnati Bengals are playing a game today-Wildcard Sunday in the AFC. The Bengals aren’t the Wildcard, they won the division, but they play the Wildcard, in this case their old rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Bengals were still fighting for a possible first-round bye a couple of weeks ago, but that possibility went by the boards when they lost their last two games in a row. They lost their last two games because Coach Marvin Lewis decided to play everyone over the last two games to gauge the team’s progress and abilities. I can’t really blame Coach Lewis for trying such a stunt since, after all, the playoffs are unfamiliar territory for this team, most of them have never played in a playoff game.

I don’t know what will happen in today’s game-it is unpredictable because these teams split the season series and have identical records. I do know that after 15 years, its great to see the Bengals back at the playoff ball.


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