Wednesday, January 04, 2006

One man alive

By now, if you've seen any of the morning newscasts, you know that of the 13 stranded coal miners in the mine in Tallmansville, outside Buckhannon, West Virginia, only one was found alive. After the testing of the air quality in the part of the mine where the men were believed to be, the fact that one survived at all can be viewed as miraculous.

The difficulty here is that initially, word got out that 12 men were found alive. That word is said to have come from coal company people who were searching for the men. Well, few in West Virginia trust the coal companies, with good reason, so now the families believe the company men deliberately lied to them in telling them the men were alive.

I don't know if the company deliberately lied to these folks, and I have great trouble believing human beings could be that heartless, but I equally understand why the miners' families feel the way they do-they deserve a lot of answers.


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