Saturday, December 31, 2005

An income tax by any other name

The Democrats in Nashville just won’t quit trying to think of ways around the Constitution of the State of Tennessee and trying to implement some sort of covert income tax. If Speaker Jimmy and his boys have their way, they’ll sneak in an income tax in the next session by allowing local communities to implement a “payroll tax” that would tax an overall payroll.

Stacey Campfield talks in detail about the latest shenanigans.

Lovely mentality the Democrats have, isn’t it? We’ll just tax the payroll and let the workers suffer by ensuring that the employer pass on the expense of this tax to the employee, the easiest way to do that, of course, is to cut wages. So rather than steal from those who labor for a living directly, our Democrat friends want to steal from payroll so that employees will take home less. All this business is an income tax by another name, and the Dems apparently had a bunch of lawyers in some back room dream up this scheme so they could try and sneak this through and claim it is constitutional because it isn’t really an income tax.

The level of lying, cheating, and political conniving in Nashville doesn’t cease to amaze me. The Republicans need to jump on this right away and expose it. Legislators need to be all over talk radio, more Republicans need to be publishing blogs and exposing the lies the Democrats in this State are telling. Failure to do so could mean that the Democrats sneak this abomination through the legislature. If they actually succeed, some good person should just sue, hoping that the case makes it to the Tennessee Supreme Court. If we can’t beat the Democrats using honorable and normal means, we should then try to beat them using their own extraordinary methods, never stooping quite as low as they do, of course.


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