Saturday, January 07, 2006

Speedway in Lights

Last night, Nicole and I had the opportunity to go up to Bristol and see the Speedway in Lights, an annual Christmas light display in which Bristol Motor Speedway is completely decked out in billions of Christmas lights, even along the drag strip and the main track itself. As part of the fun, visitors are even invited to drive their car around the ½ mile oval (at slow speed, unfortunately) that is almost, but not quite, a perfect circle to complete their light-viewing experience. In the infield, hot chocolate, cappuccino, Christmas candy, and other beverages can be found.

Some of the light displays we saw were among the most unique I have ever seen, including one of a toy soldier firing a light cannon at a huge sailing ship made of lights. Another was a jack-in-the-box, fully animated, made of Christmas lights. Along the drag strip, there was even a simulated dragster moving down the track made of lights.

If you’d like to see this magnificent display and you’ll be in the Tri-Cities area, it concludes tonight and tomorrow night, January 8th. Next year, the display begins after Thanksgiving and runs through the week after the New Year.


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