Thursday, January 05, 2006

Boycott WBIR!

It pains me to officially call for all Christians of East Tennessee, Southeastern Kentucky, and Lee County, Virginia to boycott WBIR-TV. The reason for this boycott is because WBIR has chosen, over the objections of many and varying members of the Christian communities of Knoxville and East Tennessee, to air the blasphemous program The Book of Daniel, a show about an Episcopal priest who lives like a heathen and who has an unruly daughter and a sodomite son and who “talks” to Our Lord, the figure of which in the program is hardly like Christ. As the News-Sentinel reported, local religious leaders and other Christians are justifiably outraged. I am outraged as well.

Boycotting a station that has previously been so family friendly is a tough decision. I have always felt that Channel 10 had the best news operation in town, and the station has shown great respect for local culture (Who doesn’t love the Heartland Series?). WBIR has chosen to air this anti-Christ show, however, and because they have done so, the only way to protest this lack-of-a-stand (that’s how it sounded when the General Manager appeared on the five o’clock) is to boycott the station. If no one watches, advertisers will not run ads and the station will lose money. If the station loses money, they will quit running the blasphemy in order to bring back the viewer-ship.

I guess I’ll have to watch Brian Williams online, since neither ABC nor CBS have national news nearly as good.


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