Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No small amount of flack

I have taken no small amount of flack from my wife after calling the Wicked Witch of the East an “Ambassador of Hell” in one of yesterday’s entries, not because she is fond of the Wicked Witch, but because, she pointed out, calling the Witch an Ambassador of Hell would be saying that she is a demon. Demons cannot, by their very nature, be reformed-they are evil perpetually. Therefore, reasoned Mrs. Oatney, calling the Wicked Witch of the East an Ambassador of Hell is the same as saying that she is bad beyond help and that Christ cannot save her. Christ can save her, said the Mrs.

Shortly after this discussion, the Wicked Witch could be found on Good Morning America railing about how our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan deserve better body armor and other protections. On this matter the Wicked Witch and myself are in complete agreement, and Nicole, ever astute, said “see, there is hope for her.”

Indeed, there is hope for her and for everyone, so let me clarify: I believe the Wicked Witch of the East does the work of the Devil and his minions. I don’t know whether she realizes she does the bidding of Satan or not…For the sake of her immortal soul, I hope not. I do believe, however, that the Wicked Witch has the potential, like everyone else on the planet, to be saved by the sacrifice of Our Lord.


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