Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Former NSA agent reveals the obvious

Former NSA agent Russell Tice came forward yesterday with allegations that the National Security Agency has been illegally wiretapping Americans’ phone conversations for some time now, and according to him, millions of Americans have been listened in on, not just potential terrorists.

Already the cat calls have begun for the man’s head. Many loyalists of the President have accused him of having an agenda, and have already questioned his patriotism. Well, somebody at the White House take this down: I am a Republican. I voted for George W. Bush twice, and I have never voted for a Democrat, and I do not believe this fellow was motivated by anything other than concern for his country and respect for the Constitution of the United States.

Tice's revelations are nothing new to me. In fact, I may have mentioned in a previous audio post that I have been aware for years that the government had the ability to listen in and watch everything we do, and were already using these kinds of technologies to spy on Americans. In fact, I am quite sure that I am watched-I know I have been in the past. I have no way to prove it, but I believe relevant federal-types probably monitor this blog to see if I will say something outrageous or incite rebellion. I don’t care…Here I stand, I have nothing to hide from anyone. Unlike our federal government, I have respect for the law.

Unfortunately for Republicans, most Americans are just now learning that their government spies on them, even though the more informed among us were already aware of that reality. The President had best get his head out of the sand and quit pretending that there will be no political consequences for some of these ridiculous unconstitutional charades. If not for yourself, than at least for the sake of the Party, quit questioning the patriotism of the people who question the wisdom of your policies, Mr. President, and put and end to things that you know are not constitutionally right.


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