Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Let me fix that ticket for you

From The Tennessean today comes a story about a State Trooper who apparently "fixed" a speeding ticket for Duputy Governor Dave Cooley, and the subsequent call for a federal investigation into the matter by State Rep. Judd Matheny.

To be fair, such stories are not new. In fact, by my knowledge and reckoning, this sort of thing has gone on in Kentucky and West Virginia for years...all you have to do to have a ticket "fixed" in several states is know the right people, or have a friend in the right place. This is not something that one party or political group is guilty of while another is goes on. Anyone who has ever had anything remotely to do with politics will tell you it goes on. A lot of people are shrugging their shoulders over this one asking "yeah, what's news about that."

Yes, I know that just because something has been done ad infinitem does not make it right, good, or in any way "okay."

The problem is that this is coming to light just a day after our Governor called the General Assembly into Special Session to deal with the issue of ethics in State Government. The media's reaction to the Governor's call has been nothing short of a canonization. The press is treating Bredesen like he is a Saint who has come to rescue Tennessee from the clutches of nasty politicians.

Phil and his boys have had their fingers just as deep into the pie as anyone in Tennessee Waltz ever did. The only difference is that Bredesen and his entourage have been smart enough not to get caught by the federal government.

NOTE TO REP. MATHENY: Don't get into the habit of calling for a federal investigation every time the Executive Excrement stinks...State Democrats producing smelly crap is no new development. Call for the feds every time it happens and they'll have their grubby noses into everything about our State's business. Remember, they have a nasty habit of doing that around once led to a shoot-'em up fight in these parts.


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