Monday, January 23, 2006

Canada election

Today is election day in Canada, and the CBC reports that polls are open and a heavy turnout is expected in most places in that country as the weather is cooperating and is unseasonably fair. If the polls are any indication, Canadians are about to elect their first Conservative government in 13 years-it will really be the first government for a Conservative Party that is a mere shadow of the old Progressive Conservative Party. Polls now indicate that government may be an outright Tory majority, something that was unthinkable as the campaign began.

I said in earlier posts that Tennessee Republicans have something to learn from Canadian Tories about relentlessly attacking corruption. The reason conservatism in Canada has risen from the dead (and I mean dead and buried) is because the corruption of the Liberals/left has been exposed. The fraudulent intents of the Liberals have been uncovered, and rather than ignore it, the right in Canada united and attacked the Liberals as one single powerful front.

The people of Canada are still skeptical about whether the Tories are able to clean up government, largely because previous Tory governments do not have a stellar record on the corruption question. However, Tennessee Republicans as a legislative party do not have that problem...we haven't really been the party of power legislatively at all. People want a party that will do their level best to clean up the filth. Republicans need to unite as one against the Democrats and the corruption they have wrought on Tennessee for all these many years.

The Tory Party is to be congratulated on what may be an unprecidented victory tonight. If they can actually deliver on some of their promises, they may become a more permanent political fixture, just like the Liberals who oppose them.

State attention. If the Canadian Conservatives succeed, they may be used as a model for our own party's future.


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