Thursday, January 19, 2006

Whiny Liberals blame bloggers for impending defeat

In case any of you out there forgot, or, as tends to be the case in this country (especially the further South you get) you didn’t notice, there is still an election campaign going on in Canada. I think it is very important for Tennessee Republicans to take note of that campaign, because the Liberal Party are about to be tossed out on their asses after a 12-year run as Her Majesty’s Government largely due to a culture of widespread scandal-corruption, graft, bribery, excessive political favors from the lowest to the highest levels of government, and a general attempt by the Liberals to buy the favor of the public.

If you live in our little part of the world, does that not sound like the Hill in Nashville to you? It’s the Hill in Ottawa-but it could just as easily be Nashville.

Bloggers of all political stripes should also note that the Liberal Party, and those Conservatives-in-name-only who support them, are now blaming bloggers as the reason for the Liberals’ impending demise; they are now claiming to Elections Canada that the Blogging Tories group violates the Canada Elections Act. The reason is because the Conservative Party supports the Blogging Tories conglomeration, so all of these bloggers are spreading the Conservative message without reporting their tie to the Conservative Party, say the Grits (to those not in the know and for future reference, Grit is a Canadian slang term for Liberal, as Tory means Conservative, and as we might say GOP to mean Republican).

Of course, to some extent, the Conservative Party of Canada may lend support to the Blogging Tories conglomeration, but the bloggers who voluntarily join that conglomeration are no different than the bloggers on my roll to the right: They are there by choice, as a result of common convictions or friendship or both. They are each independent thinkers, and we may not agree with each other on every point (as evidenced by yesterday’s post by Rob Huddleston on Justice Kennedy’s opinion in the Oregon case…Rob’s view seems a bit different from my own) and that is what makes each blog and blogger unique and different-and important. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that bloggers are independent entities of the press unless the blog in question can be found on the web site of a political party, such as the Knox GOP Blog. My guess is that Elections Canada will throw the complaint out as sour grapes desperation.

Volunteer Bloggers: Adam Groves, Brian Hornback, Stacey Campfield, Rob Huddleston, the Rocky Top Brigade, Thaddeus Matthews, and others would all do well to pay close attention to these antics by the Canadian left against our web logging Canadian Conservative brethren. The reason is because the latest Democrat obsession with “ethics” in Nashville involves efforts to force total state funding of campaigns. If the Dems have their way, I bet (since we may all spend the next four years giving Bredesen Hell) they will try and say that we are giving the Republicans an unfair election advantage and that the GOP is getting free election advertising through our blogs, and they will try and shut us up by shutting us down. I wouldn’t put it past a single one of their conniving hides.

To paraphrase the great Irish Nationalist Michael Collins: “The Democratic Party would like to shut me up. If they shut me up, who here among you would take my place?”

A final note: Here at the World, I will have as full coverage as possible of the outcome of next week’s Canadian General Election next Monday and Tuesday, the 23rd and 24th.


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