Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Harwell latest Republican to turn yellow

State Rep. Beth Harwell, the candidate viewed by many as the most viable option with which to defeat Governor Phil Bredesen, is the latest Republican to announce that she will not run for governor. She maintained that “for now, my work is in the State House.”

For now, Beth Harwell is the latest Republican to cave to Bredesen and the Democrats, and run like a yellow-bellied coward. I don’t have any doubt that Ms. Harwell is a woman of great personal character, but that is exactly what makes this so disappointing.

Just what does the State GOP want us to do…sit by and put up with four more years of this Ding-a-ling’s total ineptitude without being able to oppose him?

What bribes were given…what payoffs and state contracts were doled out to avoid a viable race for Governor? We deserve some answers.


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