Saturday, January 21, 2006

ACLU, gay "rights" groups acting in desperation

The American Communist Legal Union (ACLU), which takes the name American Civil Liberties Union most of the time in order that the public may be deceived as to their true intentions, has filed a suit on behalf of several homosexuals against the State of Tennessee because the Constitutional Amendment which would ban so-called "gay marriage" long ago passed the General Assembly and is on its way to the people. We are slated to ban the abomination on November 7th.

The ACLU, on behalf of the involved homosexuals, is claiming that the Amendment was not published in enough time for them to mount a campaign of opposition.

This is all a cop-out, of course. It is an attempt by the ACLU and the various Gay Rights' groups the ACLU is representing to delay the inevitable passage of this amendment, likely by an overwhelming landslide. What the Gay Rights' groups are hoping is that they can get a judge to agree that it was not published in enough time for them to campaign against it, and the judge may require the legislature to repeat the entire process. The General Assembly would then put all of this on the back-burner because of pressing budget business. I am sure that is what these people are hoping for.

Even if the judge does rule in favor of the ACLU's clients, what will likely happen is that a vote will come four years from now (at the next General Election at which a Governor is to be chosen) and that is what they are hoping for. Perhaps they are thinking that in four years, public opinion will suddenly take a sharp Left turn in this state. It will not, I can assure them. Whether now or in four years, passage (and by a very large margin) is virtually guaranteed. These groups are well aware of that reality, and this is therefore a last-ditch effort to stop the inevitable.

The opposition interest groups' claim that they had no time to mount an opposition campaign is laughable, because the text of the amendment has been published since last June, and with modern capabilities of the internet, you can access it from any public library. They should note the fact that groups in favor of the proposed amendment have virtually been unheard from as well. Sure, they are out there, but they don't exactly need to do much talking. In the view of many, if not most Tennesseans, the Holy Scriptures are all the campaign discussion they need on this issue. If the Scriptures say that homosexuality is an abomination, then why on earth would our laws in this Christian State leave any loopholes that might admit such persons into anything aproximating marriage? That is the rationale of the "yes" side, and the Bible is their campaign manifesto, their pastor is giving them the campaign stump speech.

The ACLU and the Gay Rights groups know they are fighting a losing battle in this State. Tennesseans are not interested in the rationale of these groups. God is the people's rationale.

A word of advice to these groups: If you are really interested in victories, your resorces are better spent in some of these cultural "blue states" where you actually stand a chance at achieving one. Leave us alone with these silly arguments about not having enough will never have enough time in Tennessee. The only difference time might make for you is whether the margin of your defeat is 30 points or 40.

Ain't no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top,
ain't no telephone bills.

No gay "marriages" either.


At Sunday, January 29, 2006 2:03:00 PM, Blogger RightWing said...

When will gays learn that activities in the bedroom DO NOT give you special RIGHTS in this country.

If deviant bedroom behavior EVER gets you special rights then I'll be at the first one in line! ;)


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