Friday, November 11, 2011

We Remember Them

There is a reason that in some parts of the world, they call it "Remembrance Day.":

Such would become the pattern in the 20th Century. Winston Churchill privately rejoiced over Pearl Harbor, because he knew that it meant that Americans would bring our fighting men and women to the rescue of the free nations of Europe and Asia, who were on the verge of needing to arrange some kind of truce with the Nazis and with Japan by mid-1941 in order to avoid being completely overrun by them.

In Korea, Americans intervened to keep all of that then-isolated Asian country from falling under a Communist regime that many people there did not want. That regime still exists in one-half of Kora, as the " starving baffling hermit kingdom" of the world. The other half remains free, prosperous, and an emerging economic powerhouse thanks in no small part to the American soldiers and Marines standing guard at the 38th Parallel.

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