Monday, October 31, 2011

Did Someone Figure Out That Arresting Reporters Leads to Bad Press?

Maybe someone over in Nashville finally came to their senses about what to do with the Occupy crowd, as no arrests were apparently made Saturday night, but they sure were on Friday:

 Protesting, in however misguided a fashion, is what these people were on the Plaza doing, for the most part. The new so-called rule which says that no one can be on the Legislative Plaza from 10pm to 6am may now apply to all of us, but it is not aimed at those of us who don't agree with these protestors, but at the protestors who are there, and it was not in place before Thursday night/Friday morning. All that Governor Haslam and Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons have managed to do through these actions is to garner support for the protestors and increase sympathy for them from people who otherwise do not embrace their various (usually) Leftist causes. The quasi-police state activity of the Tennessee Highway Patrol  included the arrest of a Nashville Scene reporter Friday Night/Saturday morning who was doing his job.

The Nashville Scene may be a Leftist rag, but if the Highway Patrol can arrest a reporter from the Scene, they can arrest anyone trying to cover the event. When the Highway Patrol starts threatening to arrest other members of the press for being doing their jobs, our freedoms are no longer safe and we live at the mercy of the Charlotte Avenue Gestapo, regardless of the party in power in the Capitol.

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