Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All That Money

Tennessee House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner doesn't know where Republicans got "all that money.":

Mike Turner knows exactly where "that money," which was apparently was around $550,000, came from. When the Democrats were the majority party in Nashville-which was not long ago, recall-House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh (D-Covington) and the late former Lt. Governor John Wilder (D-Somerville) held sway over the General Assembly, and any Tennessean who had an understanding of State politics knew who ran the show. That number included lobbying organizations and various interest groups, who collectively understood that no matter what the politics of their organization might be, if they wanted to get something done at the Capitol, they had better kowtow to the Democratic Leadership and give their candidates some cash, as it might yield some ears later on down the line.

Now that Republicans are firmly in control of the General Assembly with no sign of being dislodged in the near future, it behooves many of those same kinds people to give to Republicans, lobbyists and major Statewide donors cannot afford to be out of the good graces of the people who run the show.

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