Thursday, October 06, 2011

Rogero That...

In the race for Knoxville Mayor, Madeleine Rogero has accused Mark Padgett of being a "courthouse insider." Coming from Rogero, that is a really rich allegation:

Rogero is, of course, not familiar at all with being a political insider or a part of the gang at the Knox City-County Building at all, is she? A former County Commissioner and opponent of Bill Haslam, the latter appointed her to run his Community Development Department while he was Mayor, so Rogero claiming that Padget is some kind of courthouse insider while she is the fresh face of East Tennessee political life may be the joke of the century. The reality is that Harmon, Hultquist, Bennett and Sheriff Jones are doing precisely what we suggested they would have to do in order to insure that Rogero could be beaten-put aside their own partisan differences and line up behind Padgett to save the City of Knoxville from having a Marxist elected as Mayor.

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