Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Provisionals

It came down to the provisionals last night over at the Knox County Election Commission:

It would take a candidate receiving 50% of the vote plus one-an outright majority-to avoid a November runoff. The counting went well into the night, ceasing around 11pm (give or take a few minutes) when it became clear that Rogero lead handsomely, but not enough to get a majority, and Padget would squeak just ahead of Harmon to finish second and guarantee a runoff. The count, reported WIVK radio late last night, came down to provisional ballots. The election was officially non-partisan, but people in the community know that Rogero and Padgett are Democrats and that Harmon is a Republican. Harmon suggested in the press that a few Republicans didn't stick with him and voted for Rogero instead, guaranteeing that he would not face the more liberal Rogero in November.

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