Monday, October 03, 2011

The Other Side of the Story

Finally, one of the nurses that Representatives Tony Shipley and Dale Ford helped get a fair hearing is telling their side of the story:

For all of the negative media attention (especially in the Nashville area) heaped on Representative Tony Shipley after the nurses were exonerated for the supposed "improper use of his office," the story has all but died in the press in the over two months since it broke. This may be because any investigative journalism would discover that neither Shipley nor Ford seems to have acted inappropriately.

Among the parties that members of the press never spoke to before now were any of the nurse-practitioners involved. In an exclusive to The Examiner, Nurse-Practitioner Bob Reynolds II has bravely agreed to share his side of the story, explaining how his life, and the lives of the other professionals involved were ruined by overzealous State officials Hell-bent on making heads roll-no matter what the real human cost happened to be.

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