Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy Nashville Overkill

Okay, the Governor may cost Tennessee taxpayers millions:

Nevertheless, the reaction of State officials in how to deal with the protest has been overly broad and is blatantly unconstitutional, and whatever the circumstances of the sit-in at this point, the State has acted in a way that brings danger to the rights of all of us. First, the State abruptly changed the rules for assembly on Legislative Plaza, banning protests without a permit-one was not previously required until Friday-and closing the Plaza from 10pm to 6am. The Capitol grounds were not closed to the public at any hour of the day or night until today. Clearly, this sudden change of rules-while it may apply to all of us later-was aimed at Occupy Nashville right now, and that means that the State of Tennessee has invited a lawsuit, will probably have it by nightfall, and those suing will be in a position in which liberals rarely find themselves-on the constitutionally correct side of the issue.

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