Monday, November 07, 2011

Hard Knox for Padgett

There are two choices for Mayor of Knoxville, but one has a much better chance than the other of not driving the city straight into the ground:

Mark Padgett is far from a perfect candidate, and it is true that the odds of a victory for Mr. Padgett tomorrow are very long indeed. He is, however, by far the best of the two remaining candidates. We might not agree with his family politics at our house, but it can't be argued that the Padgett fasmily has a love and a passion for Knoxville and Knox County that can scarcely be equalled. People in Knoxville have two choices in for Mayor tomorrow-one of those choices might not make the city into a total wreck, but the other one almost certainly will not, and that person would be Mark Padgett.

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