Thursday, November 03, 2011

Coming To a Head?

A story I have follwed for months just might be getting some more attention soon:

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has engaged in a witch-hunt of Representatives Shipley and Ford, and have so far yielded nothing that could touch either man (and they won't). In the meantime, the effort to get to the truth about why these medical professionals' lives have been ruined may come to a head. The Examiner has received word from a source close to the situation that Bob Reynolds, who gave us his personal story in this space, plans to file a formal complaint against the TBI and all of those involved in the false accusations against he and his colleagues. If Reynolds does this, Governor Haslam and his Department of Health will likely receive copies of the complaint, and would have to give an answer as to who knew what about this case and how Mr. Reynolds and his fellow professionals were exonerated, and when it was that they knew it.

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