Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Political School

Some people in the liberal blogosphere need to be taken to political school:

As an example of the political reality surrounding situations like this, let us assume this is a fundraiser for a Democratic candidate for a Senate seat, and just for kicks, let's say that the nominee for that seat is Aunt B. herself. Just as we know that there are a lot of people, particularly in Nashville, who like Betsy Phillips-especially in the blogosphere-there are undoubtedly some Democratic elected officials that privately think she is a real crackpot (just as I'm sure some Republicans think of me). However, if she is the Democratic nominee for a Senate seat, many of the same people in the Democratic establishment who would quake in fear at the thought of Senator Betsy Phillips would almost certainly show up at a fundraiser for her, and they'd even pony up for a few bucks to help her out. This is especially true if all indications were that she was going to win the General Election and win handsomely. Why? Because those people may all need her help later on, and they'll be able to remind her that they gave her help when she needed it.

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