Monday, September 13, 2010

Somebody Done Took Them A Stupid Pill

Have stupid pills been distributed en masse on the anniversary of 9/11?:

Does the person or people responsible for this act which at best can be defined as insanely stupid, and at worst an act of irrational hatred even realize what they've managed to do. There is no proof whatsoever that anyone who worships at the Knoxville mosque is a radical, a terrorist sympathizer, or a threat to the United States or the community in any fashion. If any do exist there, the imbecile(s) responsible for leaving the burnt Koran at the door will cause them to come out of the woodwork. If the intent of this act was to scare Muslims away, obviously the responsible party is not schooled in history or they would know that Muslims have never been ones to be frightened from anything by anyone.

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