Thursday, September 09, 2010

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

State Rep. Josh Evans (R-Greenbrier) has set off a firestorm because he decided to be neighborly:

Representative Evans' letter was not, as the Nashville press seems to be painting it, a campaign letter. A campaign letter would not only be on campaign stationary or come in the form of a campaign flyer, and it would have said "vote to re-elect Josh Evans for State Representative." This letter did not do that or attempt to do that, it did state the committees that Evans serves on, did allude to some of the services his office might provide, and did state that he lives in Greenbrier, attends Ebenezer Baptist Church, and said that if the newcomer didn't have a church home, they were welcome at Ebenezer. Apparently, the one person in Robertson County who decided they didn't like that also decided that they were too much of a coward to tell their Representative they didn't care for it themselves. Instead, they had to go to WSMV to do it under the cloak of secrecy-you can just smell the ACLU in here somewhere.

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