Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Breaking Point

Will having to deal with economic realities bring us to the breaking point?:

Our own country's national debt has increased more by percentage of GNP during the time that Barack Obama has been in office than it has as any time in the last 100 years. In order for Tennessee to maintain its constitutional requirement that the budget be balanced, we will have to engage in cuts in spending very likely every year for the next decade. Yet, the Democratic Party lives in a fantasy world where they believe that the State and the country and be spent into prosperity and that government must be the primary caretaker of individuals. If we as a nation-and as a State-move any deeper into that governing philosophy, we as a people will become so dependent upon government that when government takes actions of austerity to preserve the Union or the State (since a welfare state will eventually go the way of Greece at some point), we will be threatened with the same kind of disorder that threatens to rock our cousins across the water.

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